Private Clinic cooperates with leading orthopedics of Georgia, based on their recommendations, and the patient’s individual needs, prosthesis are selected for the patients. (we corporate with Johnson & Johnson-Depuy and MicroPort Orthopedic, Implant Cast GmbH, French Biotechni and other leading American and European producers of endoprothesis).

Prosthesis can be replaced by any of the following: knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, ankle etc. The material from which the prosthesis are made may be different: cobalt chrome, titanium alloy, ceramics, high molecular polyethylene, antialeric or silver coating.

The warranty period of prosthesis is 25-30 years. Prosthesis have 30 years of successful clinical experience. The clinic also offers oncological and modular type of revision prosthesis.

Endoprosthesis can be either cemented or cementless. Hip prosthesis consists of the following components: the hip component (stem); cup with or without liner (depends on cement or cementless), heads and screws, Cement- only for cementing. The knee endoprosthesis consists of three components: a femoral component, a tibial component and high-molecular polyethylene liner.

The average duration of operation is 40-60 minutes, surgery can be done as endocrine (general) and epidural (spinal) anesthesia.