Medical Center offers to patients of St. John the Merciful Private Clinic diagnostic radiology services. The clinic is equipped with highest quality equipment and staffed by qualified personnel.

Ultrasonic Researches:
1.Abdominal organs, ultrasound of the hepatopancreatobilliary system, evaluating the type of vascularization of pathological formations;
2.ultrasound diagnosis of kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate
3.Gynecological and obstetrical ultrasound research by the transabdominal transvaginal way;
4. Breast, thyroid glands ultrasound research, evaluating the type of vascularization of pathological formations.
5. Diagnostic punch biopsy with US control in different pathologies, drainage-treating manipulations.

Computed Tomography:
BRIVO CT 385 of General Electric , 16 slice low radiation CT
1.CT of the of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen , pelvic cavity and bone-vascular system
2 Computed-tomography and angiography of the great blood vessels,
which is a non-invasive alternative to the digital angiography
3.Invasive procedures (biopsy, drainage) under control CT

X-ray research:
SHIMADZU G 2102 -low radiation digital X-ray
Skull/nasal sinuses
Vertebral column (neck, thorax, lumbus)
Overview of the abdominal cavity