“St. John the Merciful Private Clinic”s surgical department – is equipped with qualified medical specialists and modern, high quality technologies. One of the directions of the surgical department is plastic surgery, which offers to the patients not only an aesthetic surgery of the face and body, but also a reconstructive microsurgery. Operational approach is determined by the individual needs of the patient.

The clinic offers the following services for plastic surgery patients:
Rhinoplasty – Correction of the nose;
Septo-rhinoplasty -recovery of nasal breathing and correction of the form;
Correction of facial wrinkles;
Forehead and eyebrows;
Plastic of the neck
Plastic of the chin;
Cheiloplasty – lip surgery.
Ottoplasty – Ear surgery;
Liposuction and liposculpture;
a. breast augmentation
b. reduction mammoplasty
c. mastopexy
The reduction and breast lift;
Plastic of the nipple and areola;
Lifting of the thighs;
Brachioplasty (shoulder Surgery);
Abdominoplasty – tummy tuck surgery

Reconstructive surgery:
Microsurgical flap surgery
Breast reconstruction;
Treatment of congenital anomalies;
Plastic Surgery for Burns and Other Wounds
Reconstruction of the tendon;
Surgical treatment of nerve compression syndromes -carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital syndrome etc.
Surgery of the peripheral nerves.